Key Features of

Production capacity for casting

1. Have rich experience in silica sol investment casting:casting size: 30-1000 mm, weight: 0.01-100 kg.

2. Minimum wall thickness: 1.5-2mm.

3. Automatic shell making robot and automatic temperature&humidity control system.

4. Casting surface finish:1.6-3.2μm.

5. Passed ISO9001, IATF16949 and PED&AD2000 quality system certification.

6. Laboratory. New product development experiment, ensure development cycle and provide product stabilization analysis.

7.New foundry and machining workshops, expected capacity 300 tons/month.

8. In the early stage of development, PROCAST mold flow analysis software is used to verify the process, which improves the process problems in advance.

9. We are capable of reverse design, quick access to prototype drawings, and meet the customers’requirements of high quality inspection.

10.NX software is used. We are capable of product design, wax design, process design, and mold tooling design, all independently.

Key Features of

Production capacity for machining

1. Senior engineers with more than 30 years of machining experience and professional operation team.

2. Equipment Accuracy: 5μm.

3. Machining capacity: 180 tons/month.

4. Total: 40 machining centers & 25 CNC turning machines are in operation.

5. Leak test and cleaning: Special watertight and airtight testing equipment, ultrasonic cleaning and drying equipment, can fully ensure the appearance and performance of products.

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