Key Features of

Silica Sol Lost Wax Investment Casting

in HXT

♦ Casting tolerance :1、VDG P690 D1→D2; 2、ISO 8062 CT7→CT5;

♦ Fine surface finish Ra 6.3-Ra 3.2

♦ Surface Treatment Options

♦ Min wall thickness 2 mm

♦ Casting Capacity is currently at Monthly 150 tons, Annually 1800 tons.

♦ Reduced need for machining and welding

♦ Ability to make Small to Large Casting Parts (10 grams to 100 Kg, Max Dimension:800mm)

♦ Rich experienced for Complex Structure casted parts by Special Techniques

♦ Quality control system is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949.

♦ Wide range of Non-Ferrous Metal selection ,According to GB、 EN、DIN、BS、AISI、ASTM、JIS、AS、NF standards.

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